ITIGTTU – Jan. 20th 2017

Thanks for stepping into Act Two and the new world with me today. Good music, had a small chat about political things, and we lived another day. Set-list as follows:

18:00:00 Astronoid Incandescent Air
18:05:00 Cult of Luna Chevron Mariner
18:17:00 Hum Little Dipper You’d Prefer An Astronaut
18:22:00 Bossk Heliopause Audio Noir
18:26:00 Leech Inspiral The Stolen View
18:39:00 If These Trees Could Talk Solstice The Bones of a Dying World
18:47:00 Unwound Look a Ghost Leaves Turn Inside You
18:50:00 OWEL Albert and the Hurricane Dear Me
18:58:00 Sharks Keep Moving Sailor Sharks Keep Moving
19:00:00 High On Fire The Black Plot Luminiferous
19:06:00 Truckfighters Gravity Gravity X
19:14:00 Sleepy Sun Marina Fever
19:21:00 Creature Features Genesis Creature Features
19:27:00 Stereolab Anonymous Collective Emperor Tomato Ketchup
19:30:00 David Bergen Blue Maple Leaves Blue Maple Leaves
19:40:00 Young Widows The Last Young Widow Grassed Inn
19:45:00 Blank Realm Violet Delivery Grassed Inn
19:57:00 Mogwai The Sun Smells Too Loud The Hawk Is Howling

Listen next week for more fun?

Your pal,