Yet another I Think I’m Going to Throw Up. I hope you’re feeling the urge tonight, because this will soothe your gut. Set-list as follows:

18:00:00 Alcest Oiseaux de proie Kodama
18:07:00 The Old Wind Wooden Scythe Råångest
18:09:00 Centaur The Same Place In Streams
18:20:00 Graves at Sea The Curse That Is The Curse That Is
18:31:00 The Seven Mile Journey Through the Alter Ego Justifications The Journey Studies
18:47:00 Tides from nebula Safehaven Safehaven
18:53:00 Polvo My Kimono Toda’s Active Lifestyles
18:55:00 Enemies Glow Valuables
19:00:00 Pretend Those Luminous Noises Are God Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
19:07:00 Torche Annihilation Affair Restarter
19:11:00 Doomriders Come Alive Darkness Come Alive
19:17:00 Deerhoof Running Thoughts The Runners Four
19:21:00 USA out of Vietnam Leg of Lamb Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes
19:33:00 Popstrangers Destine Fortuna
19:37:00 This Will Destoy You I Believe in Your Victory Young Mountain
19:44:00 Meniscus Simulation Refractions
19:51:00 Circuit Des Yeux Nova 88 Overdue
19:55:00 Helms Alee Untoxicated Stillicide

Thanks again for tuning in, and I’ll be back once again next week for only the best in toilet humor and the commodes that are affected by it.

Your pal,