Cubicle Ghost 1.27.2017

Hey Guys!
Happy Saturday! As promised, here’s the playlist from last nights Cubicle Ghost Show and a link to the Spotify playlist if you want to listen to it again. Enjoy!

artist title album
Florist I Was The Birds Outside Sang
All Dogs The Garden Kicking Every Day
Cayetana Freedom1313 Tired Eyes
Bong Mountain Monday Song You’re Doin’ Great!
Thin Lips Divorce Year Divorce Year
Have A Good Season Shel Silverstein Joseph
Glacier Veins New Lungs Clear Your Head
Blowout 1 I Want No Beer, No Dad
Steady Hands I Swear Like A Sailor The Libertines
Petal Chandelier Thief Shame
Naked Naps I Only Drink Whole Mink (Yolo) OK, Bye
Lomelda Brazos River Forever
Happy Diving Small World Big World
Two Humans Kiss The Cook Institute Of Living
Hodera Creature Comfort Reset to Default
Greys The Voyeur The Voyeur
Broken Beak Mire Old Evil
Macseal Cats Macseal EP
Joyride! City Slicker Joyride!
Tennis Modern Woman Modern Woman
SKATERS In Your Head In Your Head
AS IT IS Pretty Little Distance okay.
Modern Baseball This Song Is Gonna Buy
Brendan Lukens A New Pair Of Socks
Sorority Noise No Halo No Halo
Surfer Blood Frozen Frozen
Pet Symmetry Please Don’t Tell My Father That I Used
His 1996 HondaAccord to Destroy The Town of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania In 2002
Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles.
Free Throw Pallet Town Those Days Are Gone
Seahaven On The Floor Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
Mansions Dig Up The Dead Dig Up The Dead
Spraynard Medicine Mable
Fireworks Glowing Crosses Oh, Common Life
Transit Pins and Needles Joyride
Nana Grizol Cynicism Ruth
Lemuria Brilliant Dancer The Distance Is So Big