Fun stoner rock/metal/sludge set, with some of the post rocks and other things that I threw in because it’s ATV FEST!

18:00:00 Crowbar Falling While Rising The Serpent Only Lies
18:05:00 Astronoid Incandescent Air
18:17:00 Cult Of Luna Last Will and Testament Råångest
18:23:00 The Life and Times My Last Hostage Suburban Hymns
18:27:00 Tombs V All Empires Fall
18:33:00 Leech The Man With The Hammer The Stolen View
18:42:00 pg.lost Off the Beaten Path Versus
18:48:00 Unwound Look a Ghost Leaves Turn Inside You
18:51:00 Owane feat. VNGR Quitting the Gym Dunno
18:53:00 Fight Cloud No Grain, No Pain Simple Structures
18:57:00 Indian Handcrafts Bruce Lee Civil Disobedience for Losers
19:00:00 C Average Starhok Second Reckoning
19:07:00 Psalm Zero Chaos Body The Drain
19:12:00 September Girls Talking Cursing the Sea
19:15:00 Caspian Moksha You Are The Conductor & The Four Trees
19:24:00 Greenleaf Stray Bullit Woman Agents Of Ahriman
19:26:00 Zomes Fieldplay Near Unison
19:30:00 Red Sparowes In Illusions Of Order The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
19:37:00 Oozing Wound Diver Whatever Forever
19:42:00 ISIS Celestial (The Tower) Celestial
 19:51:00 Weedeater God Luck and Goodspeed God Luck and Goodspeed
 19:55:00 Wo Fat Lost Highway The Black Code

Have a great week, and tune-in next week- same time and channel.

Your pal,