Spontaneity today? Yes.

But the show will remain “generally” the same. It has also come time to decide how to proceed from here, given the eclectic mix of music you hear on I Think I’m Going to Throw Up. Thankfully, I add the “and more!” at the end.

Tonight’s set includes more of the post-rock-y/math rock-y/90’s indie jams my 2-4 wonderful human listeners enjoy, plus the 3 or so robot listeners. I’ve been throwing in lots of doom and stoner stuff in there recently, and tonight will be no different. The set list is as follows:

18:02:00 Dianogah Garden Airplane Trip Old Material, New Format
18:07:00 Totorro Come to Mexico Come to Mexico
18:11:00 Astronoid Incandescent Air
18:16:00 Caspian The Raven Tertia
18:23:00 A Minor Forest So Jesus Was at the Last Supper… Flemish Altruism
18:37:00 Hoover Electrolux The Lurid Traversal of Route 7
18:44:00 Shudder to Think X-French Tee Shirt Pony Express Record
 18:47:00 Karp How Si Si How Project Echo
 18:53:00 Rooftops Raft Easily A Forest of Polarity
 18:55:00 High On Fire The Black Plot Luminiferous
 19:02:00 U.S. Maple Letter to ZZ Top Long Hair In Three Stages
 19:07:00 Desert Cruiser Truckfighters Gravity X
 19:12:00 Sleepy Sun Wild Machines Fever
 19:18:00 Do Make Say Think The Landlord Is Dead Goodbye Enemy Airship, The Landlord Is Dead
 19:23:00 Unwound Everything is Weird No Energy
 19:26:00 Codeine D Frigid Stars
 19:30:00 Eagulls Soulless Youth Eagulls
 19:35:00 Bitch Magnet Dragoon Ben Hur
 19:44:00 XBXRX Center Where Sight Wars
 19:48:00 Lowercase Track 8 All Destructive Urges…Seem So Perfect
 19:55:00 Sunny Day Real Estate Seven Diary

Though the music may occasionally make you want to, please don’t kill anybody this weekend. It’s cool, yo.

Your pal,