Program Notes

Open Your Ears: Hip Hoppin’ Soulfuly

Hello and welcome once again to another blogpost of “Open Your Ears.” This week I will tell you about three shows that are guaranteed to make you feel great! All of our shows on the radio make you feel great, but these three shows add a touch of soul to the recipe that is SCAD Atlanta Radio.

Good Vibrations Mondays from 8 – 10

A mix of chill Hip – Hop brought to you by Crystal that will surely make you unwind on a Monday night.

DJ Shirron Wednesdays from 6 – 8

Shirron gives you a selection of Chicago House and a splash of acid jazz to calm your mood on Wednesdays

Soul Sessions with Ms. E Wednesdays from 8 – 10

Ms. E presents a mix of soul from yesterday and today, each week she highlights a different artist as well of the genre.

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