Program Notes

OYE: Post-Hardcore, Metal & Other Delights

Hello Internet Radio Land, the end of the quarter is approaching, and Mother’s Day is also approaching but for right now, it’s Monday and that usually means it’s time for my annual blog post of what to listen to at the station. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the awesome rock block we have here on the Radio (every Thursday afternoon / evening.) Well we have some more rock shows that appear on other days besides on Thursdays. These shows include a variety of hardcore, punk, and metal shows.

“Mutants & Monsters”  Sundays 6 – 8pm

A mix of international and indie punk bands.

“Bethany & Elena” Tuesdays 6 – 8pm

Modern Post-Hardcore rock is showcased.

“Metallurgy” Wednesdays 10 – 12 Midnight

A late night mix of Metal to rock out your Wednesday nights.

That’s the highlight of the various other rock shows we have here at SCAD Atlanta Radio, and if you’d like to contribute by becoming a DJ, feel free to email me at, hope everyone has a great week!