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Wax Poetic: Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison’s new album is titled “Dejenme Llorar” (in English, Let Me Cry), and the title definitely helps say a lot about the album. It opens with an extra soft and slow track that sets the mood for the rest of the soft acoustic songs that come after it. Despite that Dejenme Llorar may sound gentle or 
delicate, it is actually very strong. Its also sorrowful, heartbreaking, and oh so very romantic.

Although the songs have a soft slow acoustic theme they can be quickly overshadowed by Morrison’s 
strong and profound lyrics. It is very easy to hear that Carla is baring it all with this album. It sounds as though she’s holding nothing back, and is truly singing from the heart. It might even be a broken heart. For she sings plenty about heartbreak and feeling lonely. Like in the song “Hasta La Piel” (Until the Skin), about missing and wanting a love. The track title is part of the lyric, “me duele hasta la piel”, it hurts to the skin. Though the music behind it has a fun mid upbeat tempo that makes you forget she’s singing about being lonely, and make you want to sway back and forth. It is definitely one of those sad but romantic love songs.

Then of course there is the title track of the album, “Dejenme Llorar” (Let me cry). Where Morrison’s words, voice, and emotions sound the most true and honest, but at the cost of being incredibly heartbreaking. However, don’t get all melancholy just yet. The album also sounds very romantic. The beautiful rhythmic guitars and the sound of her soft but vibrant voice can give the feeling of warm and fuzzy. If you are in, or out, of love this album can make you feel both.

Review by DJ Lisa Vasquez. If you would like to hear Carla Morrison as well as many other great Spanish artists, make sure to check out her show Wednesdays from 12-2 p.m. est.