Adult Books Interview 12/12/14


“West Coast is the Best Coast” band interview blog with DJ Lisa

Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to continue my “West Coast” interviews with someone from another great Los Angeles band, Nick Winfrey from Adult Books. I’m currently home for the holidays so I was able catch their most recent show at one of the most popular venues in Southern Cali, The Smell in downtown LA. I caught a few minutes with singer/guitarist Nick after the bands performance. It was a special rockin’ Holiday show with three other local bands on the line up. Though I was especially happy and lucky to be there for Adult Books because it was their last performance for the year. I was also very grateful for Nick sticking around and letting me ask him some questions, for I’ve been wanting to interview these guys since I discovered their music last Summer. You’ll probably hear how happy and excited I was by all my giggling (warning: haha). Thank you so much Nick!! SO sorry I missed ya Sina and Daniel. I hope y’all enjoy the interview!

P.S. my best friend Suemi makes a cameo on this one, haha. Good job Suemi!


Adult Books Interview at The Smell, Downtown Los Angeles CA 12/12/14