Wires Interview 12/20/14

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“West Coast is the Best Coast” band interview blog with DJ Lisa

Back in August of 2014 I went to a show at one of my favorite bars in Echo Park, Lot 1. That night a band I had never heard of before named Wires played, and they sort of blew me away. It could have been the fact that they were a three piece (which I think is special in bands), or that they sounded so different than anything else I have heard in a long time in the local music scene. Four months later I got to see Wires play again. A special performance at bassist Maxx Diaz’s home in Inglewood California. It was an intimate gathering among close friends of the band, and friends of two other local bands that played. I felt so lucky to have been invited to this special show. So I decided to let the guys take their time to talk their little hearts out about their passion for music, and I’m glad I did. We had a nice long, in depth conversation about rock genres, instruments/equipment, recording, and pedals, pedals, pedals!! haha. So this turned out to be my lengthiest West Coast interview yet!! I hope ya’ll enjoy listening to it… Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention in the interview. I like how I heard a person at the show ask another person, “Is the next band a cover band too?” The other person replied, “No, they play their own songs. They’re a real band” haha.
Thank you so much Gerardo, Ryan, and Max (A “real” band).

Wires Interview, somewhere in Inglewood CA 12/20/14