So Many Wizards Interview 12/29/14


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About three weeks ago I was gonna go to a show at my favorite venue, The Echo, to catch one of my current local favorite bands, So Many Wizards. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it out, and I lost my chance to interview the band. Lucky for me, the guys in this band are suuuper nice, haha. So singer Nima Kazerouni invited me over to a SMW practice night to make up for the loss. Soooo, on Monday night I was able to go over to the band’s rehearsal space in the hills of beautiful Echo Park California and finally interview the band. SO, we got comfortable and took our time sitting, chatting, and cracking jokes. We had a fun conversation consisting of a variety of topics. Ranging from band history, the bands recently recorded album, food, grocery stores, and where to get a good beer! haha. I even got to mention a couple of MY favorite places to eat (Thanks Martin for asking me!) no one had ever asked ME that question before, hehe. This interview was definitely creative and fun. Sorry if the sound is a little off, though I hope y’all enjoy listening to it.
Thank you so much to Nima, Martin, and Devin for being so nice and cool in giving me this very special interview! I hope you like it.

Catch “West Coast is the Best Coast” on Thursday’s 6-8pm est (3-5pm pst)

So Many Wizards Interview, Echo Park CA 12/29/14