Station Staff
General Manager: Kate Pantone

Music Director: Jacob Phillips

Program Director: Tyler Spinosa

Production Director: Andrew Etheridge

Promotions Director: Rebecca Gernhard

Station Advisers
Jessica Clary

Millie DeChirico

Who to Contact for What

Contact Kate if you have questions about events, what is going on around the station and how to get involved.

Contact Jake if you want help finding new music for your show and for insight to what is up and coming in the industry.

Contact Tyler whenever you need to miss a show, have in studio guests, have a question about regulations or or anything relating to weekly programing. You can also send Tyler DJ Applications, Specialty Show Applications, and Podcast Applications.

Contact Andrew whenever you need help producing something for your show like a show liner or any other produced material.

Contact Rebecca to help with show promotion! She is great with social media and can help you if you want to post something for your show on a SCAD Atlanta Radio account.