Workshops by Matthew Rusak

Finding New Music

Start here by connecting with the Music Director. We get between 30-50 new albums per week and the Music Director can collect music for your show. You can also volunteer to listen to some of the submissions and you’ll get first pick at the newest music.You can also browse through our existing music library for albums and artists from the past.

A great asset in discovering new artists and songs, streaming services are great tools to use. Make sure to follow station guidelines while using the following streaming services for your shows:

  • Spotify is a searchable streaming service and has the benefit of the recommended artist and radio feature
  • also includes recommended artists, graded on how similar they sound to the original
  • Pandora Radio builds personalized stations based on stuff you already like
  • 8 Tracks allows users to build playlists based on genre, mood, and other themes

A great asset in discovering new artists and songs, these sites and platforms allow bands and artists to create their own profiles and upload high-quality music files:

  • SoundCloud allows user comments and gives options to like and repost and build playlists.
  • Bandcamp is a great place to find new music from artists you may not be familiar with. Emerging bands will often use this as a method of getting their music released.
  • ReverbNation is more of a site for artists to make connections and get careers started but worth a look.

These are some of the journalistic heavy hitters and tastemakers as far as album reviews and commentary on current artists as well as general happenings in the music world:

  • CMJ is great because it is specific to college radio! Find out what’s popular at stations across the country in their New Music Report. They offer a monthly mixtape for download.
  • Pitchfork is known for their album reviews and annual “Best Of” lists.
  • There are thousands of small, personally updated Music Blogs that are specific to niche genres and themes. Search for a particularly strange genre of music followed by the word “blogspot” and see what turns up.

Show Promotion

Not only is this one of the easiest steps to take in promoting your show, it’s one of the most versatile. Creating an eye-catching flyer gives the audience a visual connection to your show, something important when dealing with an audio medium.It’s a go-to image when you want to write about your show and need that visual hook.


  • Show posters can be printed out to make mini-flyers for distribution.Think of it as your show’s business card.
  • Buttons and stickers will forever be cool and of interest to people, so take advantage. The easiest way is to use our own SCAD Atlanta Radio buttons and stickers.
  • You can also make your show flyer into a button with the student media button maker, just ask an advisor.

You’re going to have to talk to people if you want them to become listeners. It’s as simple as that. You have to sell your show to them. Being a one-man street team means that you’re always on the lookout for the opportunity to gain a new listener.

  • First day of classes, introductions
  • Your workplace
  • Any organizations you belong to inside and outside of school
  • Record stores and music venues

It is highly recommended that you create a social media page on at least one site that you are good at using.

  • Some of our go-to hashtags include #scad #scadatlanta #radio #collegeradio #*artist name* #*music genre* You never know who’s on the lookout for their names being mentioned online. You might even score an artist interview out of it.
  • Keeping a consistent schedule of posting is important too. For example, the hour before your show starts each week you post a list of the artists or albums you are playing.
  • Also important to remember is that there are things you can’t say on air but that you can talk about through social media, especially if you want to gush over a new album or talk about a concert you went to in detail.

The number one included in this category is SCAD Atlanta Radio’s very own website. The easiest way to utilize it is by posting your weekly playlist. If you tell someone about your show and they have to wait a few days to hear it live, what better way to give them an idea of what’s in store for them than a past show playlist.