Station Staff

General Manager: Sharon Phillip

Music Directors: Lex Miniel and Elyssa Velez

Program Director: Rebecca Stetina-Sawyer

Production Director: Rebecca Gerhard

Promotions Director: Austin Guidry


Station Advisers

Jessica Clary

Music Requesting:

Phone: (404) 253-2730

Studio Office Phone:

(404) 253-2734

Send mail to:

SCAD Atlanta Radio
1600 Peachtree St.
Attn: Spring House
Atlanta, GA 30309


How can I request a DJ for an on-campus event?
If you are a student or staff member in need of music for an on-campus event, consider the talented members of SCAD Atlanta Radio! We have the songs and the equipment to help you with your situation. All requests must be formally submitted at least two weeks in advance and are processed in the order they are received. Download the SCAD Atlanta Radio DJ Event form and return it to after completion.

Can I buy advertising on the radio?
We’re a non-commercial station, so you can’t buy advertising. You can sponsor the station and get an underwriting announcement on the air like “SCAD Atlanta Radio is brought to you by the support of Company X, located at 123 Any Street in Atlanta.” For more information on underwriting for SCAD Atlanta Radio, click here.