Froth Interview 7/7/14

Froth Band Photo

“West Coast is the Best Coast” Summer Blog with DJ Lisa

This is the third interview for the “Summer Blog” version of my specialty show West Coast is the Best Coast. I was very happy to interview one of my current favorite LA indie bands, Froth. I was finally able to make it out to one of their shows after being a fan for almost 2 years. It was so awesome to meet 3/4’s of the boys at their latest Los Angeles show. They played a packed show at the very popular venue The Echo, in Echo Park CA. There was so many fans and friends that it was a bit of a challenge to round up all the guys. So this is the most gratifying interview yet! haha. When I finally got to ask them my questions they could not have been more cool, nice, and sweet. I had a lot of fun with this one, so I hope you enjoy listening to it. Thanks!

p.s. I’m so sorry I missed you Jeff.

Froth Interview at The Echo, Echo Park CA 7/7/14